I love to express my thoughts, feelings, and emotions by working with my hands. When I connect to the material through touch, it inspires additional value and intensity. 

Most of my inspiration comes from Nature. I have the habit of taking long strolls that give me time to think, ponder, analyze and discover new detail, texture and form. I love mixing different types of clay and use design to bring out their characteristics, properties, and texture. My main principles being minimalism and simplicity, I search for the beauty of perfection in the imperfect, all the while bringing together art and usability. My challenge lies in combining clay with other natural materials and exploring different relations between them. 

In my work, I put a lot of emphasis on how individuals connect with clay through touch and explore relationships, other dimensions and interactions of humans and this beautiful substance. I spend my free time to search for and explore local clays and other natural materials.


Fina glina ceramic products are made with a great deal of love and respect. The presence of all four elements – earth, water, air, and fire, creates harmony and ensures the authenticity of each unique piece.

As all products are made by hand minor deviations in size and shape are possible. They are made of stoneware – a high-temperature non-porous natural material.

Although all products can be washed in the dishwasher, we really recommend gently washing them by hand.

Photo: Lovro Rozina