Candy is our lovely dog (Hungarian Vizsla). Despite her age and diagnosis, she still lives a very fulfiling life. A couple of years ago, veterinarians diagnosed her with spondylosis, which causes occasional pain in her spine. Namely, the result of ingrown vertebrae is pressuring on some points in the nervous system, thus preventing free and unrestricted movement of the spine. Likewise, the rest of the organs slowly automatically behave and move different adapted to this diagnosis.

Spondylosis itself is not really curable (except with surgery), hovewer there are many types of massage therapy and exercises that strengthen the muscles, maintain support and consequently offer support to the damaged part of the spine.

Shortly after the diagnosis, Nina contacted us. She is an exceptional and a very positive woman with a good heart who creates stunnig illustrations. Nina named “Brunov sklad” after her deceased cat Bruno, trough which she helps animals in need with donations. She decided to help us too, and created cards with an illustration of Candy in my arms.

The voluntary contribution for the card is € 3 + postage (€ 2)
All voluntary contributions are dedicated exclusively to therapy and medicine for Candy.

You can find Nina and her work at the link below:


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